Essential Steps for preparation to Study in Germany

Preparation for studying in Germany and applying for study place and visa is slightly different when compared to other countries. In this blog, we have outlined the essential steps to help you prepare for studying in Germany. 

1. Get all the Information

Before you start your planning and preparation for studying in Germany, it is important that you get all the information right regarding studying in Germany. The admission requirements may vary from university to university and program to program as well as the visa process is different when compared to Australia or other countries.

The costs can also vary a lot depending upon whether you choose to study at a public university or private university. In addition to these things, the time you need to prepare for studying in Germany can vary depending upon whether you want to study a German taught or an English taught Bachelor or Master program in Germany. To get all the information regarding studying in Germany, please visit the relevant pages in our website to schedule an appointment for counseling.

2. Know your study options

The options available for your higher studies can vary a lot depending upon university entrance qualifications gained in your home country as well as the choice of your degree program. There are certain degree programs which can only be studied as a German taught program such as medicine, dentistry whereas certain programs can also be studied in English taught program but your qualifications may not be recognised for direct entry. 

If you have low marks or grades in your Bachelor degree admission may not be possible for English taught master program at a public university and the only option may be to apply for English taught Bachelor program at a private university. Hence it is essential that you know your options before you start preparing for studying in Germany. To know more about what options are available for your higher studies in Germany, please visit our entry requirements page 

3. Prepare for English Proficiency test

If you want to study an English taught Bachelor or Master program, IELTS is mandatory in most of the cases. A good score is often required by most universities for admission in English taught Bachelor or Master programs and there are seldom exceptions. If you are planning to study English taught Bachelor/Master program in Germany, it’s a good idea to join our Online IELTS classes starting every fortnight. 

4. Learn German 

Learning German in order to prepare for your studies or day to day life is very important and can be very handy in finding part time jobs as well. If you are planning to study bachelor degree in Germany, we strongly recommend you to learn German at least up to A2 level even if you want to study in English taught program. Master degree applicants applying for studying English taught programs should learn German at least A1 level while they are still in their home country. You can also learn German with our online German courses starting every fortnight. 

With these steps if followed properly, you can be sure of getting the best experience when applying for studying in Germany and definitely these small things matter a lot when your prepare to study in Germany. 

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