Studying at a Private vs Public University in Germany

When it comes to studying in Germany, most students are often confused because of the fact that there are so many universities to choose from. Among more than 400 plus universities there are approx. 300 universities which are state funded and another 120 universities which are privately funded. Few of the most common questions asked by students applying for studying in Germany are as follows:

What is the difference between studying at a private and a public university in Germany?

There are numerous differences between studying at a public university and a private university in Germany which is outlined below so that you can be better informed when choosing to study at a public or a private university. 

1. Tuition fees

There are no tuition fees at public universities which makes public universities popular. What students pay is usually the semester contribution charges roughly around 200-300 Euros per semester. 

Private universities rely on the tuition fees paid by the students in order to operate and hence students are required to pay tuition fees which can vary from university to university and program to program within the university. In general, international students may end up paying roughly around 4000-7000 Euros per semester on average. However, the tuition fees at most private universities are cheaper than what you would pay at universities in other countries such as Australia, UK, USA or Canada. 

2. Quality of Education 

In Germany there is not much difference between the quality of education of delivered at a public university or a private university since all the universities are regulated and accredited by state. 

3. Programs on offer

Public universities offer programs in almost all disciplines to national and International students. Most of the programs at public universities are offered in German language and there is a growing number of programs in English at bachelor and master degree level for international students. Certain types of programs such as medicine and dentistry and many other Engineering programs can only be studied at a public university. 

Private universities mostly offer English taught programs at bachelor and master level for international students. The majority of programs are offered in the areas of business and management and art and design, sports and event management. A few universities do offer programs in computer science and Information Technology. 

4. Entry requirements 

The number of applications at public universities for English or German taught programs are usually very high and hence the entry requirements are higher and in most of the cases the minimum entry requirements are usually 70% marks in Bachelor degree for master application. 

At private universities, the entry requirements are slightly relaxed and if you do not meet the entry requirements there are preparatory programs to support you a late entry in your program of choice. However, relaxed entry requirements does not mean that you will definitely receive an admission. Most private universities conduct interviews before offering you a place in the program.

5. Class Sizes

The number of students at public universities are huge and therefore very often students find themselves studying along with 100s of students in a single auditorium whereas the number of students in a given class at a private university is usually around 20-30 making it ideal for private universities to provide individual attention to help you achieve your career goals.

6. Employability 

The employability upon graduation at both public and private universities are more or less same. Most students completing German taught programs at public universities often work in sectors that involve much German language whereas students completing Bachelor and Master degree programs in English at private universities usually work for international companies or German companies which are active internationally. 


At the end studying at a public university or private university will all come down to a few things such as your grades and qualifications and affordability followed by chances of admission. If your grades are not enough to study an English taught program at a public university, it is worth applying to private universities. In any case, be it at a private or public university, you must be prepared to study very well during your studies if you want to pass the examinations.  

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