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Understanding your preparation

Most students who take the IELTS examination prepare for the test in advance for around a month or two before they take the test. Whether you need to prepare for a month or two months or a week will depend upon your English proficiency.

There are a few things that you need to understand before you plan your preparation or randomly book an IELTS test which can ultimately improve your scores.

  • If you believe your English proficiency is very low, it is important that you take a month or two of English language courses before you enroll for IELTS preparation classes.
  • You may have a very good English proficiency and yet you may not be able to achieve the score you need.
  • You may have an average English proficiency and provided that you work really well, you can get the score you need to apply for studying abroad.
  • IELTS is just an English proficiency test, you should not be worried but at the same time, this does not mean that you should not prepare well.
  • No matter where you prepare for your IELTS examination, the key to preparation is a well-structured IELTS course which contains enough hours for interaction and guided preparation sessions.
  • Even if you believe you have very good English proficiency, we still recommend you to prepare very well for the test or else you may get the score but it may not be useful to you as you may not have the required band score in one of the sections.
  • Prepare all the sections of the test equally instead of only focusing on your weak areas. Having a band score of 9.0 in listening and 5.5 in writing is not considered a very good score. Instead an overall score of 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 is considered to be a much better score and will definitely help you to get into the program of your choice for most bachelor and master programs abroad.

We believe an excellent preparation leading to the required score is very essential if you wish to succeed in applying to the university of your choice abroad. At Edupark we offer one of the finest preparations for your IELTS Examination so that you are able to achieve the score you need for your abroad studies no matter where you want to study.

Edupark offers one of the best preparation classes for your IELTS Examination to achieve the score you need for your university and visa application. Our concept of IELTS preparation is very much different to what is offered in the study abroad market at the moment. Many students believe that all the IELTS preparation is same, but we bet it is different at Edupark.

We only have one goal in mind when during our IELTS preparation classes i.e. doing anything and everything to help you improve your English proficiency leading to excellent results.

Why prepare for your IELTS Examination at Edupark?

  • Tailor made preparation course

    Few of the most common reasons are that the English proficiency of students is not tested before the start of the IELTS preparation in addition to students being rushed for the IELTS examination.

    Based on these things, we ensure that the English proficiency is tested for the group and a tailor-made course is planned for each individual and the group as a whole.

  • A completely restructured course plan

    Our IELTS course plan is completely restructured compared to what you may find at most institutes.

    Instead of a regular 30-40 hours course to prepare you for the IELTS examination, we offer you a 70 hours course which ensures that each and every aspect of your preparation is taken into account.

  • Small Class Sizes: Face to Face or Online

    No matter whether you prepare in our face to face sessions during the normal days or in our online classes, the group sizes are no more than 8-10 students.

    Our small classes provide each student sufficient time to clarify their doubts and improve on a day to day basis until they are ready for the actual test.

  • Authentic Preparation Materials

    At Edupark, we only use authentic preparation materials and ensure that you have the latest materials and resources during your preparation course.

  • Practice more, without costs!

    It is very essential for you to practice as much as possible to get very well acquainted with the test before you actually sit for it. We offer you enough practice materials and as many full-length mock tests required before you are ready for IELTS Examination.

  • Preparation at your individual level

    Learning and preparation for examinations can be different from one person to another. One candidate may have difficulty in one skill area whereas another candidate may have difficulty in a different skill area.

    In order to support you an individual level, we have highly expert instructors available to support you both online and offline who you can always call up

  • Excellent Preparation Ensured before your final test

    Instead of trying to wrap up your preparation and asking you to take the test, we assess your preparation thoroughly and ask you to register for the test only if we believe that you can get the desired scores.

    If we believe that you are not fully prepared or need additional, we prepare you additionally without extra cost to ensure that you achieve the required score.

IELTS Classes overview


6 weeks 

Course days Sunday to Friday
Daily course hours

2 hours/day 

Instruction Hours 72 hours
No. of Participants 8-10 Max.
Course starts Every Fortnight.
Course fees 6780 NPR for 

Note: The exact course dates and the course timing are available the application form for enrolment in our IELTS preparation courses.

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