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3.5 million students around the world go abroad to attend a university. Nearly one tenth of those students choose to come to Germany. Germany has a lot to offer to foreign students, be they first year students or postgraduates.

Germany's universities combine age-old traditions with modern technologies. More than 300 universities are featured on Campus Germany: from time-honored institutions offering students the classical repertoire of subjects such as Medicine, Law, English and German to innovative new institutions of higher education with inter-disciplinary study programs. German universities are open to anyone who fulfills the prerequisites and academic freedom is one of the basic principles of the German university system.

German universities combine research and study. They've been the scene of many groundbreaking discoveries and they're internationally renowned. German universities attract faculty and students from around the world. Modern German universities also combine theoretical work with its practical application. They both educate and train - basic research is augmented by applied research. Interdisciplinary cooperation is common and many of them cooperate closely with multinational firms and with other research institutes in Germany and abroad. In the end, this increases the graduates' chances on the job market.

Many of today's students no longer want a purely theoretical education. A variety of universities of applied science in Germany offer balanced academic training necessary for a professional career. Practical experience in regional companies is often part of the curriculum. German companies are interested in attracting well-trained graduates from abroad. And in many cases, these former students can continue to work for the company as a foreign spokesperson once they return home.

Nepalese students in Germany

Each year approximately 1500 students from Nepal go to Germany for their higher studies in different subjects at different universities. At any given moment of time, there are around 8000 students studying at German universities. Many of the Nepalese students have excellent careers after completion of their studies in Germany. Students usually apply for studying Bachelor and Master degree programs in Germany. 

According to preliminary data from the German Federal Statistical Office, the number of international students in Germany in 2019 is 393,579 – a 5% increase on 2018 numbers.

Ten Reasons to Study in Germany

Germany is the 3rd most popular study destination for International students and most of the International students study for free without having the stress of paying thousands of Euros/Dollars in tuition fees.

1. Boundless Opportunities!

Germany has got a lot to offer. With more than 400 institutions of Higher Education, it is one of the leading countries in the field of research, science and technology and there are more than 10000 programs to choose from. Some German universities offer very specific programs whereas some institutions offer programs collaborated with their industrial partners for better exposure to students. 

2. Top Quality Education 

The standard of higher education in Germany is first rate. The renowned tradition of German universities dates back to 14th century and ensures an outstanding level of education and research. Products of German companies, especially machine tools, motor vehicles and electrical engineering products are leading in the international market. The Academic standard of higher education in Germany is very high which helps international students in Germany to gain the best possible education and training for their careers in industry or research. 

  • Outstanding academic programs
  • Ranking amongst the best in the world

3. Globally Recognised Qualifications 

  • German degrees are highly regarded
  • Internationally recognised degrees highly with high level of confidence from employers from all over the world 

4. Practical oriented

Studying in Germany often includes interaction with industry. Close ties with companies SAP, Siemens, DPWN, Daimler-Chrysler, BMW or Bosch will increase your career prospects. Many universities in Germany give the students the opportunity to carry out research or do internship in the industry. This further strengthens the applied learning of Nepalese students in Germany and later on its very easy for students to get jobs upon the completion of their higher education. 

  • Attractive, practice-oriented programmes and industry partnerships
  • Excellent prospects on the German and Global labour market 

5. International Exposure

Each year more than 3,50,000 international students (12% of all the students at German Universities) go to Germany for study and research. They are attracted by international study programmes and excellent research opportunities. Many universities offer exchange program between different universities based in other European countries which helps students to experience not only study in Germany but also in different countries. 

6. In the heart of Europe

Germany lies in the heart of Europe bordering with 9 European countries which is an excellent point to discover other famous European destinations. You are in London, Paris or Rome in no time. Many students often travel to other cities like Rome, Paris, Amsterdam etc during their semester breaks for their travel and leisure. 

7. Most affordable Student destination

Universities are state-funded, therefore, generally no tuition fees are charged. Students have to pay only their living expenses such as accommodation, food, transport and health insurance. Special discounts for various services help to make studying in Germany less expensive than one would have expected. Students are also eligible for scholarships provided by the universities and different organisations which further reduces the study costs to be very nominal. 

  • No tuition fees at state universities and very low tuition fees at private universities
  • Low living cost with the highest standard of life for international students. 

8. Excellent Economic Situation

Germany is one of the world’s largest economic players- important especially for machinery, automobiles, chemicals, and electrical products as well as Information Technology. The economic cooperation between several countries is increasing and emphasizes the economic power of Germany in Asia.

  • No. 1 Economy in Europe & No. 4 in the world 
  • Economic momentum expected to grow in future.
  • More than 500,000 vacant positions available

9. Welcoming Atmosphere

  • Open- and broad-minded society 
  • One of the safest countries in the world (#16 Global Peace Index 2017)
  • Great Student Diversity with students from all over the world. 

10. Great employment prospects

  • Working rights during studies: 120 full-days per year
  • 18-month stay-back option on job search visa after graduation
  • Green card after 5 years and German citizenship after 8 years of stay

Edupark has been supporting unmatched German courses, assistance with admissions and visa to Nepalese students to study in Germany since its inception.

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