Living in Germany

The following applies as a rule of thumb: around 700 euro per month is required for a course of study in Germany, and this is on top of university tuition fees. The cost of living is relatively high in Germany – 700 euro allows a modest lifestyle and no more. The important aspect in any case is to maintain fixed costs, e.g. rent, as low as possible. Living in Germany is not cheap and an economically priced room, possibly in a student dormitory, can ease some of the financial strain. But modest does not necessarily mean austere.

It is important to note that the living cost varies lifestyle to lifestyle and it is important that Nepalese students live economically in order to avoid the financial strains. However, it is worth to mention that the living in Germany students are subsidized in important things such as travel and transportation and meals in the mensas which can help to ease the strains.

Monthly Costs (required for food, rent books, insurance etc. each month)

Rent (student accomodation, incl. Electricity) ca. 270,- Euro
Food    ca. 150,- Euro
Clothes    ca. 50,- Euro
Health Insurance   ca. 75,- Euro
Phone/ Internet/ Fees for TV ca. 30,- Euro
Papers/ Books/ Photocopies, etc. ca. 40,- Euro
Leisure, Culture and Sports ca. 40,- Euro
Total ca. 655,- Euro

Apart from the above costs, students should also take in account, the tuition fees if applicable and semester contribution paid at the beginning of each semester!

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