Undergraduate Studies in Germany

undergraduate studies

Universities and other higher learning institutions in Germany welcome students from almost all the countries, globally.

Undergraduate studies in Germany takes normally 3.5 years for engineering degree programs and 6 years for medical degree programs.

A typical undergraduate studies comprises of 210 ECTS for Engineering and other programs but 10 semesters for medical degree and one year internship is compulsory for medical degree programs.

Edupark sends more than 150 Nepalese students every year to study foundation and bachelor degree in Germany. 

1. Germany - A great destination for Nepalese students

Germany is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and offers a first rate academic environment for good qualified students in the heart of Europe. Universities and other higher learning institutions in Germany welcome students from almost all the countries, globally.

Each year more than 350,000 International students travel to Germany for their higher studies in the field of medicine, engineering technology and business administration. Thousands of Nepalese students go to Germany each year for their higher studies and many students already have exceptional career after their studies. 

2. Education - Made in Germany

Germany is one of the best destination for higher education for International students. Germany has more than over 400 universities offering high quality education and training  to students from all over the world. Qualifications from Germany is globally recognized and highly regarded all over the world.

3. Wide range of study programs 

One can choose to study from Aerospace Engineering to Zoology at state universities in Germany without having to pay any tuition fees. There are huge number of courses available in Germany for undergraduate studies. 

Engineering and Medicine are the most sought after degree programs in Germany for most Nepalese students are interested to study either engineering or medicine or similar type of technical programs. 

And last but not the least, there are economics and business management programs in addition to a huge number of interdisciplinary programs which offers an excellent education and training in the best possible academic environment.

4. Free Education in Germany

Education in Germany is free for everyone be it national or international students. 

What students pay at the public university is the semester contribution ca. 200-300 Euros/Semester. Even the tuition fees at private universities are also very reasonable and in the range of 5000-6000 Euros/semester. 

5. German or English taught program

You can study Bachelor degree in a German taught program or an English taught program or a bilingual program. 

Most Bachelor degrees are offered as German taught programs at state universities, where you study side by side with German and other international students. Programs such as Medicine, Dentistry and Pharamcy, Psychology are offered only as German taught programs. 

A good number of English taught programs are also available if you wish to study your bachelor degree in English in Germany. The number of English taught programs are on a steady rise in Germany due to demand of International students.

It is also possible to complete your foundation course in German followed by English taught bachelor program at a private or public university in Germany.

6. Foundation or Direct Entry 

If you want to study at a state university and have completed 10+2 schooling from Nepal you will need to complete a one year foundation course at Studienkolleg for admission in Bachelor degree studies at most state universities in Germany. 

Upon the completion of the Foundation course, you will be required to pass “Assessment Test” to get admitted in Bachelor degree studies in Germany. 

You can apply for studying Bachelor degree if your school leaving qualifications is considered to be equivalent of German University Entrance Qualification. Students with proper A-levels or who have passed their first year Bachelor degree from a university in Nepal can apply for direct admission in a German or an English taught program. 

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